Following, are the six most recent entries to my blog. You can read all of my ramblings in the Deep Thoughts Archive.

iPhone Organization

I tend to have quite a few apps loaded on my iPhone at any one time. For the longest time, I have struggled with how to best organize them all. I was frustrated with how difficult it was to find an app when I wanted it. Also, every time I loaded a new app it messed up the ordering that I had set ...

My Glossary

I have created my own take on a bootstrap glossary for this site. The whole thing is set up as one YAML file, which I have stored under _data for this site. This glossary is used to perform several different tasks on the site. So, I get more bang for my buck when I enter a term into the growing l...

Featured Microbes

I have created a simple image gallery of 50 microbes for my website. Here is everything that you need to use it on your own sites.

Text Expander and Assessment

Creating assignments using Nuventive Improve requires both uniformity in form and yet individualization depending upon the assessment strategy selected. TextExpander allows me to create boilerplate materials that can satisfy these needs.

My To Do List

I have a ways to go in completing my Robert Heinlein to do list. I hope to complete them all in fully in this lifetime. After all, shouldn't we all strive to be competent men and women? I'm keeping a running tally of my progress below.

My Workflow

I have adapted parts of several different suggestions to create an automated workflow for my Jekyll website. With one simple bash script, I am able to update my site after every key entry. The site is under version control using git and is really easy to use.

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