Following, are the six most recent entries to my blog. You can read all of my ramblings in the Deep Thoughts Archive.

Setting Up Bash

I usually spend a bit of time getting my bash terminal set up just the way that I want it. This might be superceded by zsh in the next version of the Macintosh OS (oh well...) I am writing this post just to record my current configuration for future reference.

Uncle Goose Elemental Blocks

These are the latest addition to the objet d'geek in my office at work. My goal is to have a study similar in appearance to Dumbledore's (note to self: contact the folks in facilities to see about adding a tower to the science building). I decided to post a little information about them for anyon...

Shiny FTIAC Analysis

I created an online dashboard using Shiny and the R programming language. The purpose of this project is to explore possible patterns in the recruitment and retention of full time, freshman, FTIAC students at Ferris State University from 2010 to 2018. The full dataset contained 17,329 student rec...

iPhone Organization

I tend to have quite a few apps loaded on my iPhone at any one time. For the longest time, I have struggled with how to best organize them all. I was frustrated with how difficult it was to find an app when I wanted it. Also, every time I loaded a new app it messed up the ordering that I had set ...

My Glossary

I have created my own take on a bootstrap glossary for this site. The whole thing is set up as one YAML file, which I have stored under _data for this site. This glossary is used to perform several different tasks on the site. So, I get more bang for my buck when I enter a term into the growing l...

Featured Microbes

I have created a simple image gallery of 50 microbes for my website. Here is everything that you need to use it on your own sites.

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