Following, are the six most recent entries to my blog. You can read all of my ramblings in the Deep Thoughts Archive.

General Education Assessment 2.0

General Education is an important part of our curriculum at Ferris State Univeristy. The courses that make up our General Education program constitute the foundation of all of our majors and represent the core knowlege, skills, and abilities that we wish for our graduates to attain during their t...

COVID-19 exit strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has been moderately severe to date. However, the governmental response to this healthcare challenge is going to ultimately prove to be more problematic than the actual disease (IMHO). Most troubling - there seems to be no 'exit strategy' for the restrictions that are being p...

My Correspondence Chess System

I have decided to try postal correspondence chess this year. There are a variety of small tournaments available through USCF for their members, so I registered for a round robin quad. Since I will be playing six simultaneous games over a period of many months (probably more than a year), I figure...

Chess Clocks

These are my opinions about the chess clocks that I own. Apparently, this is a point of heated debate on the internet. I have no axe to grind. However, I have used several different clocks and definitely have my own opinion. If you disagree, feel free to comment below and fill us all in on how yo...

DGT Centaur Review

These are my opinions about the DGT Centaur chess computer. I cannot get this page to process correctly.

Adapting Chess Pieces for Centaur


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