I have never really been a jock, but I still enjoy playing many different sports. Growing up in a small town afforded me the chance to play varsity sports in high school - even though I was never that great. I am too old to play football any more, but I still manage to play a few other ball sports. Some of my favorites are described below.

As my metabolism slows (but not my appetite, apparently) I have to make a conscious effort to stay active. This includes participating in the sports below and tracking my activity with my trusty fitbit. You can probably deduce the days when I’m playing (versus those I spend at my desk working) by following my steps alone.



Noonball is my main sporting event as of late. Several people from Ferris and around Big Rapids meet up a few times a week to play at Wink Arena. I am not the oldest person on the court, but I’m certainly not the youngest either. It is a good workout with some great guys (and it helps to relieve any stress that might be built up at work).



I have been in several different slow pitch softball leagues since my college days. Church league softball in Virginia (somewhat ironically) was some of the most vicious competition that I have ever been a part of. Now that I am getting older, I actually qualify to join “senior league”. Oh dear. I may try to organize a team next summer. This summer is just too busy.



I am just getting into pickleball. My wife and I saw that there is a local pickleball club in Big Rapids. We have purchased racquets and some balls and volleyed around at Hemlock Park. It seems like a lot of fun. I am hoping that we will have some time to try this sport out later this summer and fall.



I started to play racquetball in college when I took it as a PE elective. I played at lunch throughout my graduate work as well. My Ph.D. advisor was an excellent player and regularly wiped the court up with me. Although I still love to play, I have not had a chance yet in Big Rapids. The FSU racquet center charges a bit too much, in my opinion, and I have yet to meet another interested person. If you would like to play (and you live around Big Rapids), don’t hesitate to contact me.

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