I enjoy the outdoors. That is a good thing, because that is one thing that Michigan has in spades. We have some of the best hiking, kayaking, fishing, and camping in the country. And I get to live essentially in a state forest. Cool.

The Great Outdoors

River walk I confess that I am not a hardcore hiker. I’m not the sort of person that dons a backpack and takes off to the trails for a 50-mile excursion. I do, though, really enjoy the outdoors. That might just be taking Jack for a stroll on the Riverwalk (just a block from my house), kayaking on a local lake with Carrie, or taking short hikes on local trails. Carrie and I have tent camped for our entire married life. I’m old enough now… I’m ready to move up to camping in a camper (air conditioning, fridge, the whole enchilada). In my life, it seems that I either have time or money (or often neither), but never both. So we’ll see how long it takes to pull this one off. It would be nice to have a camper by the time that grandchildren begin to arrive.

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