Here is a little bit of background information about me.

Michigan State Extension Master Gardener Program

Irises Over the past year or so, Carrie and I have gotten involved with the Michigan State Extension Master Gardener Program. We have always gardened as a couple. I have now built raised garden beds in three states (on both coasts). Carrie used to grow tomato plants that were taller than me in California. Now that we have a bit of yard to work with (about 0.3 acres) in town, we decided to get a little more serious. We have been traveling down to Grand Rapids on a regular basis to take courses concerning SMART gardening and other topics. The science interests me (light, moisture, nutrients, soil structure, etc.). The variety of plants, colors, and textures appeals to Carrie. So now we are in the process of redoing all the landscaping around our home. The front yard is getting most of the attention for the moment. Next year, we hope to fence in the back yard to keep the deer out.

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