This page lists my publications (both peer-reviewed and invited). As you can see, I have not really focused a lot of my professional energy in this direction lately. I plan to make a concerted effort to reinvigorate my research activity over the coming year. This will include both microbiology and assessment scholarship. Let's see how that turns out.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

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  6. Franklund, C.V., S.F. Baron, and P.B. Hylemon. Characterization of the baiH Gene Encoding a Bile Acid-Inducible NADH:Flavin Oxidoreductase from Eubacterium sp. Strain VPI 12708. J. Bacteriol. 175:3002-3012 (1993).

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  11. Franklund, C.V., and T.L. Glass. Glucose Uptake by the Cellulolytic Rumenal Anaerobe Bacteroides succinogenes. J. Bacteriol. 169: 500-506 (1987)

Books and Book Chapters

  1. OpenStax College. Microbiology. Houston, TX: OpenStax CNX. (2016)

  2. Franklund, C.V. Microbiology. Chancellors Learning Systems, Fishers, IN. (2004).

  3. Lathrop, J.T., C.V. Franklund and R.J. Kadner. Communication Between Membranes in TonB-Dependent Transport Across the Bacterial Outer Membrane. In W.N. Kohings, H.R. Kaback and J.S. Lolkema (eds). Handbook of Biol. Phys. Vol. 2. Elsevier Press (1996).

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