These are my opinions about the chess clocks that I own. I cannot get this page to process correctly.

My use case

Every review and reviewer has its biases, and I am sure that this one is no exception. I purchased the Centaur computer with a particular set of uses in mind. Therefore, my impressions of its performance will no doubt be colored by these expectations. In an attempt to provide a little context for my comments that follow, here is what I was looking for in a personal chess computer.

Chess Clocks

  VTEK 300 WSC DGT NA DGT 1001 Analog
Length 19.5 cm 16.5 cm 19.5 cm 15.5 cm 15.0 cm
Width 9.5 cm 10.0 cm 10.5 cm 6.0 cm 3.7 cm
Height 5.5 cm 4.5 cm 5.5 cm 3.7 cm 8.0 cm
Weight 541 g 270 g 261 g 105 g 319 g
Construction Metal Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
Power 3 X AAA 2 X AAA 2 X AAA 1 X AAA Mechanical
Display 15mm 15mm 10 mm 8 mm NA
Delay Yes Yes Yes No No
Bronstein Yes No No No No
Increment Yes Yes Yes No No
Byo-Yomi No Yes No No No
Seconds Yes Yes < 20 min Yes No
1/10 sec Yes No No No No
Presets 36 38 13 0 0
User-Defined 20 2 10 1 0
Contrast Better Better Good Good Good
Visibility Best Better Good Good Good
Quantity 1 2 2 4 1
Price $150 $33 $40 $25 $25

Descriptions to follow.

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