I have a ways to go in completing my Robert Heinlein to do list. I hope to complete them all in fully in this lifetime. After all, shouldn't we all strive to be competent men and women? I'm keeping a running tally of my progress below.

According to Robert Heinlein, a human being should be able to:

  •   Change a diaper (I’ve done this too many times already)
  •   Plan an invasion (I don’t know; does Axis and Allies count?)
  •   Butcher a hog (I’ve not done is solo, though. Just helped)
  •   Conn a ship (A boat, actually, but I’m counting that)
  •   Design a building (Sure, but that doesn’t mean it was built)
  •   Write a sonnet (Several in fact)
  •   Balance accounts (Yes, but I didn’t like it)
  •   Build a wall (Lots)
  •   Set a bone (Have not been in a position where I’ve had to. That’s fine with me for now)
  •   Comfort the dying (Yes)
  •   Take orders (Lots)
  •   Give orders (Some)
  •   Cooperate (Usually)
  •   Act alone (When I want it to actually get done)
  •   Solve equations (For fun and profit)
  •   Analyze a new problem (All the time)
  •   Pitch manure (Oh heck yeah; cow, horse, pig, and chicken)
  •   Program a computer (Morning, noon, and night)
  •   Cook a tasty meal (Yes, but my wife says not often enough)
  •   Fight efficiently (Have not had the need to really)
  •   Die gallantly (I have to admit that I’m sort of dragging my feet on this one)

For as he says, “Specialization is for insects.” I feel like I’m doing pretty good so far.

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